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Is it possible to “surf” a train at over 120mph? Can you really ski down the longest escalator in Europe? What happens when you put a man in a 100m catapult and let go? Welcome to the most incredible clips on the planet! Men and women cheating death. Some are real, some are just very sophisticated hoaxes, but each gets millions of views… Now, unruly engineer Tim Shaw and his daredevil best friend Buddy Munro are tracking down these internet daredevils in order to explore their feats in the most hair-raising and explosive way possible: by re-creating each and every one of them, themselves!

On location (or via Skype), they cross examine the creators, before drawing on engineering support and using real world locations to recreate the clips. If it’s a hoax, they prove it once and for all — and then demonstrate how it could be done.
Each hour-long show sees our presenters take on 3 or 4 stunts. Punctuating the adventure throughout will be a number of the wildest, wackiest clips on the planet. Part raucous clip show, part thrilling travelogue, each instalment combines scientific detective work, cutting edge maverick engineering, with spectacular feats of daredevilry!

(Source: Nerd TV)

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