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What does Pride Month Mean to Me – From our General Manager.

At RT Group, we work positively to be inclusive and diverse throughout the year. We have always fostered an environment of inclusivity, be it for Sexual Orientation, Gender or Race. As an organisation, we always believe in fitting the right person for the right roles and projects. 

2023 has seen us launch our values into the business, which are there to support individuals wherever they are on the journey with us. 


For me, as an openly gay man in all aspects of life, the month of June is about joining hands with the LGBTQIA+ community and allies around the world, celebrating the progress we have made and remembering those who have been lost through bigotry and ignorance. We continue to fight for the acceptance of the mindset in the UK and other countries where equality has been achieved but not taken on universally by everyone and, of course, in those parts of the world where being your whole authentic self is still a criminal offence or a total taboo within that society.

Working in the TV, Film and Creative Media industry is mostly a more accessible industry to be in where my sexual orientation is not seen as a negative or a barrier to my role. Still, I have worked in other sectors where I have felt marginalised for being true to myself, indeed side-lined for progression because I wasn’t your stereotypical straight man with a family and children. RT Group works across the globe, so I have to think about my personal safety when visiting a country or community. Like me, so many people within the LGBTQIA+ community have to battle that demon every time we travel. Is it safe? Do I risk harm? Do I risk prison? Flying out on a Production could mean I end up in prison or worse because I am gay.

So, Pride month for me is about celebrating our individuality, being open without fear with our loved ones and having a good party! I will be marching with my boyfriend and his company at Pride in London on the 1st of July.

I am so proud of the achievements of RT Group and the diverse team we have built working alongside our customers and partners who bring so many perspectives and experiences to our work. We can all achieve, change the status quo, push boundaries, and be ourselves through collaboration and diversity. 

I wish you a happy Pride for this month and every day. We stand together with all the LGBTQIA+ community, and I personally reaffirm my commitment to continue to create a safe, inclusive working environment where anyone can thrive and be themselves. 


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