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Maintaining the best possible client service

At Remote Trauma, our teams are able to work remotely and most are used to working in an agile and flexible way. We have taken practical steps to protect the health and safety of our workforce and, in turn, our clients.

All our staff are able to securely log on to our IT systems and telephony from home. In the event of having to self-isolate, your advisor will be able to continue working on your project.
We also have protocols in place for tasks and activities to be passed to another team member in the event that your key advisor becomes ill and is unable to work.

All of our staff have laptops and can work from any of our offices or remotely from home. Therefore, even in the worst case scenario, we can continue to operate if the Government orders all work premises to stay shut for any period of time.

All of our client records are held electronically, so our advisors are able to access our files and documentation remotely. Our risk assessment system (ORA) is online which means it can be managed from anywhere.

Reducing face to face meetings

We are reducing the volume of face-to-face meetings and travel. We have a range of tools and technologies available to interact with you remotely which enable us to continue to deliver a great service in a confidential and secure environment.

These include: 
• Meetings conducted via online video and tele conferencing services.
• Documents and correspondence being sent by email or uploaded to the ORA system

Keeping business as close to usual as possible

Ultimately, the message from us is that we are keeping business as close to usual as possible! The situation remains very fluid, so we will continue to monitor the advice and follow the guidance provided. It goes without saying that we’ll stay in touch and keep you regularly updated.

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