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What is a Covid-19 Supervisor?

It’s important to remember that the role of Covid-19 Supervisor did not exist before March 2020 and the Coronavirus pandemic.

Very early in the pandemic Remote Trauma were preparing risk assessments for shoots around the world, where the mitigation of Covid-19 risk became more and more present.

Because our personnel were already qualified and capable of providing an appropriate response to your needs, it was at this point that we launched our Covid Media Solutions service in order to tackle this growing requirement.

One of the services we developed was an online Covid Awareness Training programme, which has been a leading light for our media clients in facilitating something close to ‘normal’ production.

As a parallel to this service we were quickly able to deploy the first trained Covid-19 Supervisors on-set and on location, in order to help crews monitor and comply to various risk protocols laid down by all those involved in the production.

What to expect from your Remote Trauma Covid-19 Supervisor

First your Covid-19 Supervisor will liaise with the production manager or producers to assess what safety protocols are active on the project. It is very likely that there will be more than one protocol in force. We can assume there will be a Remote Trauma Risk Assessment in place which will have it’s own set of Covid safety guidelines – your Covid-19 Supervisor will be fully up to speed which this guidance.

Next, there may well be different protocols insisted on by others involved in the project. For instance if you are working on a commercial, your client may want to have input with it’s own safety measures. In the same way, a commissioning broadcaster or channel and/or studio space and/or location may all want you to apply their own protocols. Your Covid-19 Supervisor will negotiate at a high level with the production to agree how to balance and police any clashing or overlapping measures. This may be done in advance or on the day of the shoot and a verbal agreement will be the basis for how your Covid-19 Supervisor behaves, responds and supervises.

Typically, your Covid-19 Supervisor WILL perform the following tasks:

1/ Temperature check everyone arriving on set/location or within 30mins of their arrival – with their permission.

2/ Re-Temperature check everyone on set/location after lunch breaks.

3/ Inspect all sanitisation points to make sure they are correctly set-up and stocked – advise if required.

4/ Inspect and approve any one-way movement systems deployed by the production – advise if required.

5/ Make sure sanitation protocols are being regularly and correctly carried out by the production.

6/ Make sure masks and/or face sheilds are available to all if required.

7/ Observe pre-agreed physical distancing compliance by everyone on-site – report any concerns to the production manager.

8/ Temperature check anyone coming onsite during the day – ie, lunch delivery persons

9/ Inspect food packaging, serving and eating areas are compliant.

10/ Observe and report any inter-departmental mixing if pre-agreed with the production.

11/ Make regular ‘walk-abouts’ to ensure general COVID safety compliance.

12/ Check that maximum ventilation is achieved where and whenever possible.

13/ Manage requests and requirements discussed and agreed in advance.

Typically, you should NOT expect a Covid-19 Supervisor to:

1/ Police mask/PPE wearing directly with individuals

2/ Police physical distancing directly with individuals

3/ Act as a cleaner

4/ Act as a medic or safety advisor

A Covid-19 Supervisor will arrive early and be constantly available until wrap after which they will perform one final ‘walkabout’ before going off duty.

The primary role of a Remote Trauma Covid-19 Supervisor is to act as a facilitator and provide help, advise and solutions while a production team is setting up and shooting – never to hinder or distract.

If you have questions about the role of a Remote Trauma Covid-19 Supervisor please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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