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Probably the most talk about show we’ve ever been associated with – Bear Grylls’ Island for Channel 4 has had an amazing viewing response and has been a fascinating and exciting show to work on.  One of only few high profile series where the medical teams and safety crews are actually featured as part of the show.  Yes that rescue boat was us and yes we did save Paddy after his fall from a twenty foot cliff side… hardly an episode passed without an appearance from one or more of the multi-skilled Remote Trauma team.

Shot in the pacific (sorry we can’t be more specific) the team completed an initial recce of various islands supporting the pre production team and later for not only the british version of the show but other regional versions too.   The show participants were given survival training by us and were kept a close eye on by the comprehensive 24/7 medical and safety support provided plus a great deal of health and safety consultation.  An amazing show to be part of and doubly exciting to working on the next series!

If you want to know more about Remote Trauma and our involvement with Bear Grylls Island why not send us an email, we’d like to hear from you.

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