Reggie Yates: Life and Death in Chicago with Sundog Pictures

Sundog Pictures is a retained client and we have enjoyed a fruitful relationship for the past 3 years - working with them on this acclaimed BBC show had it's unique set of challenges.  Chicago is officially the most violent city in the US so Remote Trauma's experience and expertise in special training, high-risk advise and equipment provision was key to a safer series of shoots.

SAS Who Dares Wins with Channel 4

Renowned as the toughest of all special forces the SAS inspired the second season of this reality challenge - SAS Who Dares Wins which sees twenty five men from regular life put through the gruelling SAS selection process. Selection takes place over period of several days in a variety of ultra challenging environments that put the participants through extremes of physical and mental endurance.  As specialists, Remote Trauma were called upon not only to to provide a comprehensive risk management package but also complete on and off-screen medical support - no mean feat for a show such as this!
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Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls

The Island with Bear Grylls is probably the toughest show on television, so it stands to reason you are going to need the best risk management company to support you. Channel 4's annual Stand Up to Cancer is back to raise funds up and down the UK for groundbreaking new cancer treatments. And this year part of the programming will show viewers what happened when a group of celebrities were left stranded on a deserted island in the pacific ocean.

Remote Trauma provided on location supported with a team of four specialist safety, medical, survival and power boat drivers. having previously worked with British, French, Americans, Dutch and Norwegians on their versions of The Island. It made sense to employ the same specialist team on an equally hard challenge. If you want to view the behind the scenes footage of our survivalists in action please go to:

Who keeps Bear Grylls safe?

Off to EDEN with Channel 4

Working with KEO Films for Channel 4 this documented social experiment like no other - we have supplied medical equipment and a raft of safety and risk advice on this series were 23 men and women attempt to build a new society from scratch - we'll keep you updated on Remote Trauma's involvement.

GOLD RUSH - Discovery

As you might expect Gold Rush which involves shooting in furthest extremes of the north american continent doesn't come without it's challenges - Remote Trauma entered the frame providing comprehensive safety audits for the show and progressing to medical and health and safety support on location. Extreme weather conditions, low temperatures and the constant threat of attack by wild animals was all in a days work.  If you want more information on Remote Trauma's capability in extreme climates call us today - we'd be happy to talk. 

Australian Survivor - Endemol Shine Australia

Survivor is the show that blazed a trail of reality television programming around the world and remains a firm favourite in schedules from the US to Australia. It's a kind of docu-soap thingy, part competitive, partly soap opera and it's on the lips of every major broadcaster.

In the US, Survivor is beginning it's 31st series on CBS and going great guns.

Remote Trauma provided multi-skilled support form medic cover to jungle training and more - This new family entertainment series will be set on a remote tropical island in the pacific and will launch on TEN in 2016.  If you'd like to know more about what we did on Australian Survivor please call us today. 

Extreme Russia - award winner

Reggie Yates and the Extreme Russia Series won the best Multichannel Programme at this years RTS Broadcast Awards.
Remote Trauma were the first choice for Sundog Pictures who are a retained client, owned by Sam Branson (Richard's son) They're busy making some pretty progressive TV and we're more than pleased to be involved and to support their productions. Sundog will be filming another series in the not too distant future which we hope to be part of.  Well done Sundog, well done Reggie and well done us!

Mission Amazon - RedBull TV

Charlie Head the first man to stand on a paddle board and take on the white waters of the Rio Marañón in the Amazon - a never-before feat. “I take a lot of beating going through the rocks, but I’m moving faster and faster. I might get to my next destination much quicker, but maybe not in one piece.” - With 50kg of gear and an eight week epic adventure, Remote Trauma were in support from the beginning. 

Watch the trailer on RedBull TV

Jamie & Jimmys Friday Night Feast

Freshone for C4 called us with a request for a range of safety advice on several items on the show - which of course we were more than happy to provide.   You might think on the face of it.. 'a cooking show.. dangerous?'  Well not 'dangerous' per se but certainly not without a degree of safety risk which always needs to be professionally addressed if the production is to not only comply with various insurances but to run successfully and without unnecessary delays in administrating risk assessments and methods. Remote Trauma pleased to have been of service.

Multi-skilled support on Undercover Angel

The supply of a multi skilled advisor (Security and Medical) on location in Uganda, Sri Lanka is not something just anyone can provide - but RDF Television creating this ground-breaking 10 part series were in no doubt who to use.  The phrase multi-skilled can be somewhat 'throw-away' when it comes TV production but our operatives are genuinely qualified to help and support on many levels.

Undercover Angel is true to the innovative storytelling and engaging narratives found on the channel, and it is sure to become a powerful emotional touchstone that will resonate with viewers all over the world,” added Jules Oldroyd, senior VP of international programming for National Geographic Global Networks.

If you would like more detail of Remote Trauma's multi-skilled options, call or email us now.

Risky business - Drugs, Inc.

Remote Trauma for Wall to Wall (Back in time for diner and The Voice) worked closely on this high risk production shot in Peru, Mexico and Russia series 4 to 7 - engaging with some the worlds most dangerous drug gangs and those who enforce the law in these near lawless environments.  Needless to say we needed to provide some serious training and high risk advice right across the board. Compliance with production indemnity is one thing, keeping the crew safe and making sure they have proper training is another.

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The Island 2017 - Remote Trauma re-commissioned

Probably the most talk about show we've ever been associated with - Bear Grylls' Island for Channel 4 has had an amazing viewing response and has been a fascinating and exciting show to work on.  One of only few high profile series where the medical teams and safety crews are actually featured as part of the show.  Yes that rescue boat was us and yes we did save Paddy after his fall from a twenty foot cliff side... hardly an episode passed without an appearance from one or more of the multi-skilled Remote Trauma team.

Shot in the pacific (sorry we can't be more specific) the team completed an initial recce of various islands supporting the pre production team and later for not only the british version of the show but other regional versions too.   The show participants were given survival training by us and were kept a close eye on by the comprehensive 24/7 medical and safety support provided plus a great deal of health and safety consultation.  An amazing show to be part of and doubly exciting to working on the next series!

If you want to know more about Remote Trauma and our involvement with Bear Grylls Island why not send us an email, we'd like to hear from you.