Monty Don’s Paradise Garden - Blink Films - BBC 2


Monty Don travels across the Islamic world and beyond in search of Paradise Gardens celebrated. In Spain and Morocco he learns the building blocks of these gardens while in Iran he uncovers the secret of their creation. In India and Turkey Monty discovers gardens offering a new type of spirituality and back in the UK he uncovers the influence they have on a Royal garden as well as public spaces.

Paradise Hunters - Curve Media - Channel 4


Paradise Headhunters will follow those in search of an adventure, whether it is upping sticks and taking on a ranch in Mexico to become a caretaker on the Great Barrier Reef or moving to the Hebrides as a salmon farmer.  Specialist recruitment consultants will find positions for the candidates, who once they receive news of their new job, will bid their friends and families goodbye, leaving them behind to start a new life.

Big Beast: Last of the Giants - Offspring Films - Sky One


Risks and safety are always a huge consideration where this level of adventure is on the table - In this series, biologist Patrick Aryee is on a global mission to find the biggest beasts on Earth and reveal the conservation challenges facing them in a rapidly changing world.  Combining stunning blue chip natural history photography, with nail biting close encounters, this series tells the definitive story of gigantism in the natural world.