If you're planning to shoot in one of the far flung corners of the planet - then call us today.  
Remote Trauma are the No.1 industry specialists in multi-skilled remote filming location support and global risk. 

The 'remote' in remote trauma...

We provide all the support you need for your expedition from implementing crisis management, emergency evacuation and contingency plans through to a detailed analysis of your route and end destination. We supply specialist threat and risk assessments, training, travel safety and medical briefs and many other elements satisfying insurance, production and sponsorship demands.

Remote Trauma have worked with many of the named medical evacuation providers stipulated by production insurers and can integrate any crisis management plans into an existing procedure or protocol.

We have experience of working on international co-productions and are familiar with the challenges of differing legislative requirements for multiple region clients.

Local Contacts and Access

We have an established and extensive network of international contacts and fixers working alongside experienced, United Kingdom expedition staff.  Remote Trauma initiates and establishes close contact with local providers to make sure your production runs smoothly from point of contact to completion.


By providing advisors who are genuinely multi-skilled we can address any number of requirements during a single production - and this doesn't mean a 'Jack of all trades' we're talking about individuals who are genuinely qualified experts in several different areas.

Our team includes:

  • IRATA standard climbing and rope access experts
  • Off road instructors
  • Registered remote medical practitioners and trainers
  • Safety and security advisors
  • Experienced expedition leaders
  • Boat handlers
  • Cold weather experts
  • Tropical specialist
  • and many more.

All of our advisors are registered and qualified with the relevant UK governing body so we can guarantee a recognised standard of service and delivery on location.

If you have an unusual requirement or simply need genuine multi-skilled support call us now on 0844 800 9158