Extreme Dreams The Ultimate Challenge - Ricochet - BBC2

In this new series, Ben Fogle is on an epic South American adventure from the Equator to the Tropic of Capricorn, supported by teams of deserving heroes who will help him take on the world's toughest environments.

Ben's journey begins in Ecuador where he leads his team through the Avenue of Volcanoes to summit Mount Chimborazo - the closest point to the sun on Earth. Ben and his team of heroes launch their summit attempt in darkness on the final day but with icy blizzard conditions battering the team and the constant threat of debilitating altitude sickness, it's one of Ben's most challenging expeditions.

- Written by Ricochet

The Hottest Place on Earth - BBC

Ethiopia's Danakil Depression has one of the most extreme climates found on Earth – yet even here, life has found a way.
The Sun scorches the cracked earth, a wavering mirage confuses the eye, and dry air and dust suck the moisture from your mouth and eyes. Ethiopia's Danakil Depression is one of the hottest, driest and lowest places on the planet.

- Written by BBC

Driven to Extremes - Discovery Networks/Shell Helix

Driven to Extremes is the ultimate driving challenge, pitting A-list Hollywood actors, top motorsport racers and their cars against some of the most hostile places on Earth. 

Part endurance test and part travelogue, Driven to Extremes sees Academy Award winner, Adrien Brody, British actor, Tom Hardy, and action hero, Henry Cavill take on the harshest terrains - and there's no stunt doubles and computer-animated visual effects to help them out here! 

Joining the adventurous actors are former Finnish Formula One driver, Mika Salo, and former British and world superbike champion, Neil Hodgson. 

From a plummeting minus 50 degrees Celsius in freezing Russia, to over 50 degrees Celsius in sweltering China and the exceptionally wet Malaysian jungle at the height of the monsoon season, Driven to Extremes will push these celebrity petrol heads and their cars, to the limit. 

- Written by Discovery

Lost Worlds - Discovery

The world’s most dangerous locations are often the home of natural wonders, stunning landscapes and extraordinary creatures. Using the latest modern technology and extreme climbing techniques, our crack daredevil team embarks on a mission to unlock some of the Earth’s last secrets.

In Lost Worlds, natural historian and adventurer Monty Halls teams up with explorer, survival expert and pioneering climber Leo Houlding. Leo’s extreme climbing experience, coupled with Monty’s incredible adventurer skills and scientific knowledge, make them the perfect team to reach these dramatic areas and document these natural wonders.

- Written by Discovery

Flying to the Ends of the Earth - Blast Films - C4

Some of the planet’s most extraordinary and spectacular experiences are only accessible by air. In this epic new series, pilot and former Royal Marine Arthur Williams will fly us into some of the remotest parts of our planet to find out how people survive and thrive in places only the plane can reach.

Arthur was paralysed in an accident seven years ago, but took up flying to rediscover his spirit of adventure. Now he’s going to brave tiny airstrips and outrageously dangerous flying conditions, all to reach the world’s most spectacular remote places.

- Written by Blast