TROY - ZigZag Productions - C4

The stunning illusionist Troy is back for this second series - just 24 years old and wowing viewers with a blend of close-up magic, big illusions and downright dangerous stunts.  You can imagine the health and safety challenges working on a show such as this - in fact you will have to do just that - 'imagine' because we simply are not allowed to give anything away!  It was great fun to be involved with and we're looking forward to seeing the results.

Free Ride - Discovery UK

An epic Odyssey with adventurer Rob Greenfield as he attempts to traverse South America with absolutely no money. Rob’s philosophy is "..that you can you travel the world relying on just your ingenuity and the kindness of strangers".  Faced with language barriers, extreme culture clashes, violent storms, searing heat and punishing terrains, Remote Trauma where in support for this hardcore documentary series - worth a watch!

The Island - C4

Two highly acclaimed series have already gone to air and a third is currently in production with Remote Trauma once more leading the safety and medical support teams - Presented by Bear Grylls, participants are stranded on remote island and their survival skills are tested to the max. Alone, filming themselves, and with some basics tools and the clothes they were dropped in.  We're excited to be involved once more.